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US Government configuration in 2020 vs 2030

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Thursday, June 20, 2019

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what will the government configuration be like in 2020 vs 2030 when Trump wins 2020.
Barrons' report
my take on it...
Based on the latest investor surveys and sentiments, they are quite pleased with Trump overall, given a B, (heck, I would take a B every day, all day), remember, majority of the the A students work for the B students, so in essence, most of the house and most of the senate work for a B student. that's fine.
Most A students sit on high and proclaim their winnings while the B students continue to work and fix things all day everyday.. tirelessly and still look around to find what else to fix, and hopefully the A students are not the ones who keep screwing up society...
enjoy a government where I hope more A students are workers not socialist and more B students lead the charge... we need to continue to up end the apple cart in DC for the better and reset the fruit basket to be more moderate conservative and investment savvy, not loathing entitlement cry babies (is that what they call snowflakes?)..
I have no idea what a snowflake is other than that cool wintery substance that keeps our water cycle flowing nicely from the mountains to the oceans and back again.. naming people things is like throwing gasoline on fire, it just makes them more hot. sometimes if you pour enough sugar on someone, and they are hot, they will catch on fire and burn down or blow up... that's a good thing for some... karma at its best..
i look forward to a government where we reduce all the expense to just be solid investments, not a debt load for loafers and shammers...
more to come...

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