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80/20 rule revisited, a mortal timeline

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Friday, June 14, 2019

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It's interesting to see the bell curve and 80/20 rule seem to apply to things consistently.
patience is a virtue.
our mortal timeline is rather interesting if one looks closely at it.
instincts are usually right.
don't worry. a mortal life is just a moment in the universe.
enjoy this minute, hour, and day. it will not come again, as far as we know...
now, I know differently. it can be revisited over and over by ones consciousness.
when did you become conscious of your existence? do 80% of the people not understand this? if we were to use 80% of our brain, not just 5% and the 15% gap waiting to become awake by the end of our mortal life.. what would happen?
Let's just theorize and say, for those of us who know, consciously enable the 80% now and increase our projection of that on a personal level and see what happens. been doing that early of the age of 12... it's taken a lifetime to come back to that realizing that is where we can be most efficient.
revisit the 80/20 rule on all things. inverted or not. inversely apply or not. just turn your perspective inside out and upside down and see what you see..
more to come..

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