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Silence is not Acceptance

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Friday, June 14, 2019

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Silence is not acceptance. 
Note: English is such a poor language to explain things, especially this topic and subject.
I was watching the news lately and realized, all these celebrations of controversial norm changes is not about acceptance its about something else.
While the media says there was a great outpouring of support, was that the vast majority or just the vocal minority using its ability to operate in safety under the guise of US Constitutional freedoms.
The silent majority does exist.
Silence is not acceptance.
When the silent majority becomes finally put off to the tolerance of norm changes they/we appear and surprisingly changes the course of history to what is right versus what was quietly allowed for a period in time.
The vocal minority seems to be holding the media's attention, and that is all just attention.
What am I trying to say? All is not what it seems. Nature has a way of balancing things when worldly and universal norms are bent and violated.
For me, that is what we call karma and the natural balance.
It's not tolerance nor understanding. It's just called being quiet about something until the time is right to change the course of history positively and peacefully.
My Dad always said, "If I don't like you, I won't speak to you. If I like you, I'll pay attention to you." That motto still holds true. I won't acknowledge and praise that which I disagree with. I'll won't even nod. Time will tell. The world is sometimes silent on things it will allow to run its course.
In these times of social backlash and shaming for being universally normal and time held as true, reverse discrimination is ever so prevalent, and the vocal minority abnormal can be at best insidious.
At the beginning and end of the day, things will be right and corrected back to what is universal.
there is a little more to this conundrum yet believe you me, the silent majority exists and shakes the tree of truth and all the diseases and other malformed living things are naturally corrected.
peace. amen. 
more to come...

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