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Wells Fargo, are all the good employees gone

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Saturday, June 8, 2019

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ironic moral of the story -- seeking $100k+ in restitution from WF. karma is interesting. i like good karma and those that bring bad karma, well, let's just say, that will resolve itself in time. if we don't share this story and write it down, it will be sure to repeat itself by another bank and group of bad banking people. ;-) peace. amen. 
I was just in a Wells Fargo branch doing some last minute and final activities, and it seems all the good Wells Fargo employees are gone, and the new ones don't know any better.
The two I just spoke with could care less and barely looked or made eye contact, and they did not even know me or wish to know me that well. I was sort of in disguise rather than dressed nicely. That's probably what did it; not fashionable enough, or maybe my alternate account did not say VIP on it.
Well, the good thing is that the bad ones got fired, the good ones retired and changed companies or left. You can tell who are left and are the bad ones because they don't care, never did and just shuffle you around and tell you not today or that person only comes in on Wednesdays who can do that (translates to never); and is it weird and ironic, the sentiment of doing great is a lacking quality of Wells Fargo team members I face at the branches.My basic feedback was; yep, nothing has changed. still useless, probably why the downtown branch closed and all the good ones left. there was one head branch manager there Karen and she was great, but the replacement lady very snobby and ultra aloof. oh well. take the name Wells Fargo off 200 S. Virginia (ironic, historically be gone)... thank you.
The One or two team members that I know are still there and are so good; those should be the managers and leaders of great customer service, products and solutions.
The good part about world banking, is that Wells Fargo is no longer #1. I was thankful for awhile when they treated people right and fairly, but in the last 15 years, it has been nothing but a mess.
Thank you First Interstate Bank for getting me started, and sorry to see Wells Fargo suck you up and bleed you dry, and then Wells Fargo offer some tricky bait and switch products, alas...
Will Wells Fargo exist in 20 years, probably not, and if they do, they will be called something else, and less customer facing, just a servicing company with no customer branches and people facing needs.
One more thing with Wells Fargo is left to do, and when that is done, throw a match on the accounts and walk away.
All the great team members and employees I worked with and remembered helping me are all gone, and those that are still barely there are barely hanging on. Manners and actually helping clients fairly is a thing of the past. With banking these days and all the choices, its fair to say we have choices, and Wells Fargo moved from #2 for me to off the list.
Thank you Lord for the strength and tenacity to persevere and remain healthy through all of Wells Fargo chaos and ill treatment and bad faith.
The words "in good faith" is no longer and maybe was in not their number one interest.
even with congressional investigates and oversight, the problem exists still. I guess we need to apply more Roundup on what remains of the bad weeds in management and staff.
some might ask, what will it take to make one happy; give me back my $100k that they burned me on; I'll take it in cash and tax free. Should one get a lawyer; nope. they have better lawyers than mine, even the State of Nevada knows better than to tangle with Wells Fargo; locked up in litigation for 10 years or more and only ones win are the lawyers; we all know that.
more to come...probably not.. almost done with this one...

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