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Hard drive sizes and how big is enough at what price, 120GB SSD $20 on sale, $35 retail

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Saturday, June 8, 2019

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Over the past 2 years, our team at Mountain Computers has been installing 120GB SSD drives in almost all computers as the primary drive, operating system drive, and that is just fine.
btw, the 240gb and other SSD drives that are going on sale for about $25 is not a viable option based on reviews and warranty replacement rates. We still with the 120GB size as a best option.
30-50GB goes to the operating system and a few applications necessary to quickly boot the system and function.
why did and why do  we do this? basically, most people we have serviced over the past 14 years have had no more than 20gb of stuff. in 120gb drive, 30-50gb for OS plus 20gb for stuff, adds up to be about 80gb and that still leaves 20-30gb for room and space. odd and true but hey, why waste all that extra space for no good reason? marketing folks get a thrill out of 1TB and start whooping and hollering and for no reason.
For a laptop, if you need more storage, use an external drive that goes up fast from 2TB to 10TB on an external USB3 or Type C connector.
For workstations and servers, be sure to use 4 bay or 6 bay cases to add 2-4-8-10TB red or purple 5400 or 7200 RPM drives in either single standalone configurations or RAID 10 configurations.
either way, the primary drive for computers at 120GB is more than enough. Those drives, are $35 retail, and usually $20 on sale. HP S600 or Crucial BX500 are fine. 500MB/s read/write is good enough.
If you need faster onboard, go with an M.2 / NVMe onboard drive and make sure you have enough PCIe x16 lanes left to do other things on your processor and motherboard 6Gb/s SATA III drive connectors, and not the Asmedia connectors either.
more to come...

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