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Peppermint OS 9 encrypted drives UI bug sometimes no GUI, known issue no fix, easy workaround ALT+TAB

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Wednesday, June 5, 2019

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Do you get a blank GUI screen on Peppermint OS 9 at boot because of an encrypted drive?
Ever since starting Peppermint 9 OS testing about 3 or was it 6 months ago, and then adding encryption to the primary boot drive, this little UI annoyance pops up and my clients call me stupefied by problem and I have to let know its not their fault, not an easy solution, yet an easy work around, and they will be better because of it.
It does not happen at every boot, but usually after an update or something like that.
What is happening is that the GUI input for encrypted hard drive password is being waited for. 
You either just know what is happening and just type the encrypted password or not. For security matters, tis better to just ALT+TAB to the non-GUI interface of your Linux boot and confirm password encrypted input is required. Type the password and press enter.
It's a non-damaging UI bug but nevertheless, those that convert from Windows to Linux who have not learned about ALT+TAB in their entire adult lives of using Microsoft Windows, poor bastards, will have to learn this eventually, and fell better about it too.

Better yet, For those of you who install and configure Linux a few times per week, one of the known issues that you have to teach your users is the ALT+TAB keystroke to switch between GUI and non-GUI screens in Linux during boot up and for whatever other reasons that just make support and troubleshooting better for them and you.
more to come...

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