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Linux Mint 19.1 vs Peppermint OS 9

Linux Tux

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Tuesday, June 4, 2019

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so with the heat turning up in the Linux Desktop market versus Windows 7, the best thing to do is look at who is coming to the forefront of Linux.
About 100 of my clients are working on Linux Mint 19.1, and about 10 of them are on Peppermint 9.
Yes, Peppermint 10 just released and we have not tried it yet.
Which do I like the best? In comparison between Linux Mint and Peppermint, Peppermint 9 is okay and I have to learn and support it, yet the Linux Mint distribution is much better in so many ways and rather smooth as well. Some folks in the security world have said the minimum install of Peppermint OS 9 is good to start with over others yet I have had some challenges engaging in that thought mentality.
Overall, Linux Mint I give an A+ and Peppermint OS 9 a B+.
Be sure to pick the right selection within Linux Mint ; Cinnamon, XFCE or Mate. XFCE is my favorite for now. I stuck with Cinnamon for the longest time, and then MATE for a while, yet for some reason XFCE appeals to my Windows experience and usage.
We continue to donate to Linux Mint, now $600 in 6 donations over the last 7-8 months, so if you want to donate to a good cause, try Linux Mint. I would suggest checking out their story, website, donations and growth, blog, and more.
I do donate to Wikipedia from time to time too, so don't fret, I do like my online libraries, and I donate to the University of Nevada Friends of the Library fund as well, and Washoe County Library, so pick some good causes and stick with them.
my choices are: Linux Mint, Wikipedia, Friends of UNR Libraries, Friends of Washoe Libraries. I did for Livingstone Church of Downtown Reno for a while. Alas, resources are finite so be kind and choose wisely.
more to come...

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