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Data Warehouses, Certifications versus Experience

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Wednesday, May 29, 2019

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In the past 72 hours, my vocabulary has improved immensely in the latest in data warehouses.
The certifications versus experience, I am. 25 years of SQL aka #SQLGod versus some certification. I realize the certifications help you perfect your ability to use a framework, toolset or program, but that's it. The mental capacity to dynamically evolve the data into something useful and quickly without a bazillion dollars of cost and time is more important.
Ironically most of the outcomes of data warehouse to data marts answers questions anyone with common sense would know. How much data is needed to realize basic survey metrics and outcomes.
Its also so funny what the industry has come up with to describe data in various forms and formats.
Data Warehouse
Data mart
The irony is how the words have evolved on basic data constructs.
My biggest issue is and question has been capacity of data, and performance to get the data loaded, processes and reports generated, over and over...
The output data sets or data marts are rather interesting. I personally like the factless fact table concept.
is anyone out there doing English youtube variations of data warehouses? It seems most of the videos are made by those with limited English and a strong and thick accent. Oh well, something we can deal with.
A basic idea to say, cause and affect. root cause analysis. if someone want to cancel a contract and they are locked in to an MSA for a while, well, one should be reaching out to a client before the contract gets close to ending before they start looking and make sure the renewal is pretty much an assured thing; better quality, price, service, and support needs to be constant.
more to come...

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