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Leadership of Things, Manager of Things like the Internet of Things, I am

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Thursday, May 30, 2019
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What do you call yourself if someone wants to pin you down to a title... just say...
Manager of Things ... Management of Things ... MoT
or better yet,
Leader of Things ... Leadership of Things ... LoT
just like..
Internet of Things ... IoT
that should keep HR thinking or maybe wondering... how does that work?
if you are a Manager of Things, an MoT, just say so. Welcome to the club.
Why you ask?
I was working on a few projects and submitting some bids and quotes, and a company asked me if I had any program management experience. Good question, odd to ask, but I guess the answer would be yes, of course.
at Microsoft, my last position after being a technical manager was being a program manager. the area was worldwide operations, and yes, I covered a lot of ground in that area.
more to come...

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