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Memorial Day Weekend, Old Times, Legacy, Memories

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Saturday, May 25, 2019

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Some 50 years of Memorial Day weekends have come and gone.
I remember growing up in Oregon, always we would go to the Oregon Coast, around Coos Bay and stay in the Charleston RV park right on the bay, and just clam and crab all weekend. Towing the camp trailer from Ashland Oregon up I-5 to the cut over to go to the Oregon coast, always raining cats and dogs.
My brother Rafe, Mom and Dad, sometimes the Johnson's our neighbors and others from all over. We had relatives living there too that lived up on the slough.
Good times. Waiting for the tide be high or low, low when clamming, high when crabbing, and riding our bikes all over. Staying in an RV park, boiling crabs, cleaning clams, use the RV facilities hot showers for a 10ยข.
Buying fish heads for crab pots, 5 gallon buckets for clams, going to the ice docks to get black cod perfectly good discards that were caught up in the fisherman's salmon nets.
oh the memories. Dad would reserve a spot or two at what is now called the Port RV park. good times. follow the link and enjoy.. the clam chowder, fresh crab, lots of rain, sometimes windy, high tide at midnight to go crabbing on the marina docks, riding our bikes all around.. sometimes the sun would come out and warm up our wet clothes... playing in the sand in front of the Portside Restaurant....
the directions we would take... from Ashland up I-5 stop at Canyonville for breakfast/lunch and to Winston to stop and take a break, gas up, and take a left leaving the freeway, and across the greater Cascades of Oregon to the coast. the directions: https://bit.ly/2VTPJ9s
more to come...

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