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Managing things..Management, People, Vendors, Contracts

Published: Thursday, May 23, 2019 written by Andy Flagg
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Keywords: Management, People, Vendors, Contracts

In a training video I offered a few months back I spoke of managers are true managers who have direct reports. That is most certainly true yet let me further explain what does managing things mean...
Managing things...
* People
* Contracts
* Vendors
Can you have the word manager in your title for the above items? Yes. Does that mean you are a pure manager without managing people? No.
Still, I believe that managing things has the same complexity as managing people. People are complex. Contracts are complex. Vendors are complex.
The answer should be easy and straight forward. There is some wiggle room and gray in that definition, yet let's agree to call it for what it is.
Managing things is not the same without the People. People are usually involved in everything.
more to come...

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