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Investing, whats the good, bad and ugly forecast

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Wednesday, May 22, 2019
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For the last 30 days, investing has been a possibility again for me. It was not so for the past 15 years but that was due to all my eggs in my business. Now, after going through so many twists and turns, things are starting to feel better.
did not expect our president to mess with foreign trade but hey, it needed to be fixed, and a lot of folks got spooked and some of us knows it will come back stronger. good for a buying opportunity.
for the most part, those investments those that want to split 2:1 or more, and double, raise equity, and expand all want to grow and expand. our president wants the same domestically and abroad. so just get use to a few bumps and consider your strategy and return rates.
So, investing. What is your strategy? mine, was the stock split strategy, but that seems to be ongoingly good yet not strong like it used to be. Can it return? I hope so.
In the meantime, ETFs look promising. there are 3 that Zack's says is good to great, #1 to #3.. #2s are interesting.
What about local companies?
EIG strangely cyclic but not forever increasingly solid yet their compliance strategy for investing plan seems to be the best opportunity if only they could get investors to see it that way. Their hiring practices are interesting. Check out management notes on their stock holders memos and filings.
SNC, maybe? depends on their good will and hiring practices. Check out their plan and non-plan on long range strategies. very interesting.
I realize competitive companies need to keep their secrets. Its part of the investment challenges.
What about domestic versus international spreads in your portfolio? I like foreign green investments that can benefit from long term solid returns yet domestically the EPA continues to be a pain the behind for anything.
what about the moon and beyond? I hope so, is a long term bet yet we need short term massive gains. On $10,000 per year, need $2,000 return guarantee. Where do you get that?
more to come...

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