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24/7/365 systems support methodology

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Thursday, May 16, 2019

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One of the biggest questions we have in our business is the 24/7/365 support methodology.
Great Project Management and Organizational Leadership is required to advance these items.
When things are going great, that's good. but what about those bad days, hours, or weeks, when you think you have a kink in the system. is it man, machine, method, materials, management or metrics. where does the kink or cross threaded cause exist? this goes back to my problem solution methodology (see link below) but here are the advised solutions to 24/7/365 surviveability.
The solutions:
1. build a great team, foster leaders
2. delegate and cross train, loyalty building
3. documentation, key metrics, KPIs, dashboarding
4. audit, feedback, compliance
5. fire drills, what-if's, situational fire alarms
each of these is not finite, but the ground work for polishing and professional honing.
i re-iterate: great Project Management and Organizational Leadership is required to advance these items.
did you notice I did not mention specific tools? like IT systems and tools? there is a reason. There are hundreds of software and hardware solutions and endorsing just one would be not applicable because the right tool needs to be used for the right job. There are 3-5 jobs in an information and technology support infrastructure, be it open source, closed source, local - cloud - hybrid, etc.. oh, believe you me, i have tools. lots of them.
more to come...

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