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Politicians and Critical Mass, a theory observed

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Tuesday, February 12, 1991
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Politicians and Critical Mass

February 12, 1991

In the last twenty years, I have learned in leadership and other leaders who are much different than me, they only make decisions and take action when critical mass is achieved.

Fast forward 2018, the same goes true with many social edgy issues; abortion, mass shootings, accidents of congressional children, etc.. Only if they are directly affected will a politician take a stand and do something.


Sad. True.


They only vote when a politicians sees that critical mass of an issue has been achieved that any other leader would actively do because common sense would not require mass agreement.


Politicians, if they were not career politicians would not worry about getting re-elected and just do the right thing that common sense and wisdom from the ordinary person understands.


No wonder politicians are viewed as disconnected and often reply to the public that things are more complicated. I reply, "Really? It's not complicated. Politicians complicate things."


Amen and Prayers to our country and people, under God, with liberty and justice for all.


REF: critical mass theory, an evolution how to get politicians to get off their a$$ and do the right thing before its too late, and in most cases, they only act when critical mass is achieved and their vote is a no brainer and usually almost too late or too late. ~andy flagg, 1984

more to come...

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