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How to solve problems, root cause analysis, decision trees, fishbone diagrams, and more...

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Tuesday, May 14, 2019

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over the course of my life, I have been about solving problems, and in the process, usually creating something cool out of the entire adventure and journey.
what methodology best fits to solve problems? is there one? colloquially which?
1. Decision Trees
2. Root Cause Analysis Flowing
3. Fishbone Diagrams
4. Funneling Cascade Diagrams
5. Round Tree Blowout Diagrams
6. Circular Cellular Threshold Grouping
7. Wide Deep Pass Scan Searches
do you know what each of these look like?
for the most part, I prefer #3 with a large dose of #4 which leads to #5 and 6 simultaneously, and then #7 and then #1 and #2. If you can draft the graphical of each, you are doing better than most. I appreciate folks that know these and apply these appropriately in my teams and my clients.
The speed to a solution is worth value. the solution that solves and keep the original root cause from coming back is just as important. knowledge share and warning labels to say, do this, don't do that, or else that will come back is a strong prescription to long term success.
these methods can help with 24/7/365 support methodologies:
more to come...

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