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suspect files in a file system - revisited

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Monday, May 13, 2019

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for nearly 14 years, I have looked at more file systems than most people notice how many cars drive by on a given day in their neighborhood. do the math. every day, times 10, I look at file systems. how many does that add up to be in 14 years.. let's see... 10x1x30x12x14 = ?? alot. That is a conservative number, on some days twice as much.
what is point of this post?when we look at the file in our computer, do we know if it belongs or not?
was it a download, an attachment, a stray temp file, or something that should not be there.
what about files that are part of computer updates or even worse viruses.
i have a theory... there has to be some formula to ascertain files that don't belong, and I mean lots of them as well as directories aka sub-directories.
for example:
these files seem okay.
first group
christmas letter.docx
english homework.doc
but what about
second group
what about....
third group
there is some esoteric logic you can deduce from these files. the percentage of files from the first group can be anywhere from 5% to 80% of your computer's drive. the percentage from the second group can be 5-25% and upwards of 80%, and lastly, the third group can be roughly 20-30% of your hard drive.
Let's do some thinking about how we tackle this problem with various approaches and tools.
i don't think anyone is trying to resolve the second group, yet, I do in a crazy and strong arm approach.
more to come...

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