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Adobe products, Full package versus Subscription

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Saturday, May 11, 2019
View Count: 745, Keywords: Adobe, Creative Suite, Full Package versus Subscription, Hashtags: #Adobe #CreativeSuite #FullPackageversusSubscription

over the last 13 years, Creative Suite 4 has been my favorite product to use when it comes to graphics, illustration, etc. However, is it nearing end of life too? Not really.
I use JASC Paintshop Pro 8.1 since 2001 and that still works, though there is a bug in the installation based on the error 2503 2502 for Everyone privileges not on the %temp% and system temp folder.
I will continue to use CS4 full package product for the foreseeable future. Will you?
will you succumb to the subscription business model? you might have no choice here soon.
are the benefits in the latest releases worth it? what are you doing that requires it?
more to come...

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