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fixing laptops for sale - just be patient - donate, recycle

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Saturday, May 11, 2019

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in the past few years, laptops come in dead on arrival (DOA), and the challenge is what made them break?
was it the logic board? most likely. was it an expensive touch screen that was out of stock and never to be replenished? was it too costly to repair versus buy a replacement?
those are the basic questions that goes through everyone's minds.
your laptop was working one day, and then the next day, nada. no boot, no power.
here are the troubleshooting steps, and now pay attention.
1. do you ever pay attention to your laptop's behavior(s)?
2. do you regularly back up your important laptop data to an external backup device?
3. are you the only user of your laptop?
those three questions help you better understand yourself and your treatment of your laptop and most importantly your data that makes you get things done for work and home.
next series of questions and now pay attention.
1. did you laptop start to show signs of weakness? slow down, reboot a foot times. screen flashes. weird smells, sounds, or other abnormal things.. use your five senses
2. how old is your laptop and how hard to you run it and use it?
3. can you unplug the battery and use just the AC/DC adapter / charger without issue?
4. do you keep it clean? free from dirt, dust, hair, water, liquids. do you eat over over keyboard.
if you got this far, you are doing good. now, in the last two years, we have recycled tons of laptops, and we are now realizing that folks are just better off after having a laptop 5-7 years, just investing in a new one.
does that hurt our repair business? not really. we still get laptops having need of software repair, upgrades, migrations, etc. we have found many laptops that even we use in the store, we trade out, give away, and just donate for good causes. do yourself a favor and be sure to properly dispose and recycle your laptop before it becomes absolutely useless.
oh., and that laptop bag that you have, donate that too... someone can find good use of it.
more to come...

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