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Farming - it is good for you. Why?

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Monday, May 31, 1971
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Farming - it's good for you. Why?

May 31, 1971

I am just a farm boy.

Well, that statement has a lot of meaning in it when it comes to life, love, work, faith and more.

Being a farm boy and farming is about being good and wholesome along with kind, strong and careful, creative and systematic, wise and not stupid, quick instead of fast, mindful instead of careless, and conditioned to take action instead of being lazy.

As a child on a farm, there are so many creative outlets. Toys are not a big deal. Instead of a GI-Joe or some fancy set of matchbox hot wheels, we had wood blocks, a pocket knife, some string or fishing line, a rope or 16 penny nail. Oh yes, we did have Lincoln logs, a barrel of monkeys and jacks - those were treats for a while.

We made our on bows and arrows though...

more to come...


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