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Systems Support Architectures, Best of Breed - Class - Business

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Monday, May 6, 2019

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When it comes to best of breed, business, and class, in terms of Support Systems and their Architectures; its a mixed bag of solutions with very unique and specific focuses as solutions.
1. ease of access to get to support
2. fast response and fast resolution
3. massively wide and deep of knowledge
ease of access to get to support
this is an easy one to explain. when someone has a computing problem, they should immediately know who to contact without hesitation. this is called centralized routing and resolution. the problem solution provider should be within one hop from the centralized and optimized broker of support. the more touch points the worse the delay.
fast response and fast resolution
this goes without saying, get someone to review your situation no matter what method and get the right answer the first time. the funneling technique is best used here. the solution should be within 20 minutes or less no matter what. optimally average resolution times should be stratified into major groups based on experiential tracking of root cause analysis and problems should not come back unless its a fair wear and tear kind of predicament.
massively wide and deep knowledge
knowledge is power. a heads up of all things with our realm are needed to be accessible to everyone. the knowledge should be in the hands of the customer and the hands of support. knowledge should not be restricted in an organization. take caution in providing remedies that might require oversight in order to resolve, yet the answer should be available, even if the application of it might not be authorized to all.
more to come...

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