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DELL - laptop cpu fan control - when fans dont seem to work

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Monday, April 29, 2019

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it works!! so here is the trick, from a dell latitude given up on by customer who could not keep the darn unit cool... we tried and tried and tried.. even Dell support could not solve it.. well, tear the thing apart, get a new cpu fan and then find out... hmmmm.. that's not the problem... just leave the laptop torn apart and just expose what you need to keep your hand and finger on the heat pipes and fan until you feel the fan start to variably pulse.. note...... the fan rpm is stuck at 0 even in diagnostic and will pulse when tested, but just for a moment... until speed fan utility is used.. the diagnostic test comes up with green and okay, but no bueno... still averages 55-65 c and as high as 80 c... no cpu fan comes on at all... just hot as hell...
well, do this; this is the video of those steps;  https://youtu.be/s1oIwHlo8gw
0. new drive ssd 120gb, install windows 10 home 64 just to get a host OS to get bios flashed...
1. install the updated BIOS (e5430 a18 to a21) -- did not matter...
2. install the Chipset e5430 windows 10 64 bit ...
3. install the Management Info Packages e5430 windows 10 64 bit...
4. Then download and install Speed Fan. if you have all the chipset and management info installed, then Speed Fan can identify the motherboard and CPU and other thermals and figure out how to help you control the CPU and other fans on the computer. 
it took me a while to get it to work until I realized the chipset info and management info files had to be installed so speed fan can sense the motherboard and cpu, and other sensors on the unit.
5. once installed, go to configure  and fan control, add a fan, select Pmw1 on the CPU, and then let the auto fan setting just do its job. you can feel the fan start to pulse, and then you don't have to change much after that. it was a bit tricky to figure out, but my CPU core temps dropped 20 degrees Celsius and minimize speed fan and you can feel the cpu fan pulse and ocassionally show rpm from 0 to some variant from 30 to 100%.
dell history of this problem, never solved til now... unless i could not find a workaround...
my community post to dell so at least i tried to show my solution..
more to come...

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