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Date Time conflicts with computers and networks

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Thursday, April 18, 2019
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If you have ever had to deal with local networks, domain controllers, etc.. you have probably run into date time synchronization issues when you are on MAN or WAN networks.
Should this be the normal to have sync issues with date/time? Nope. Why is that cropping up more?
Have no clue. At first we thought it was latency issues, I mean less than 100 ms differences, but then we started looking at NTP (time protocol servers). It was rather interesting and puzzling.
Microsoft has their own NTP servers, yet the world has theirs too.
Anyhow, thought you should know that time synchronization between PCs, Servers, and Networks can be a hassle. It's okay. You'll dig in and find the culprit.
TIP: check your DHCP NTP time server sources, which can be different in your domain DNS controllers, etc.
more to come...

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