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Dark mode versus power patents, 600 dpi versus 300 dpi printing

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Saturday, April 13, 2019

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Its funny all the mobile power saving patents and efficiencies that have been going on for so long, and the one that came out called "Dark Mode" immediately chopped the legs out from everyone. I love it.
Why display in white when black is perfectly fine.
Now in print, white is not a color, and less text like 5% coverage per page is a savings, like printing on a Laserjet printer at 300 dpi versus 600 dpi; that's 4x the savings in ink.
make sure you are at 300 DPI if you can.
make sure you are in Dark mode if you can.
Even HP Plotters has this cool utility for printing plots.. just download it.. drag and drop your cad files to it, set the plot area, make sure Draft quality is set, prints in 3 minutes versus 15 minutes, uses 1/10th the plotting ink, and looks just fine.. yes HP. love that tool.
Why 600 dpi? should be 300 dpi by default on all laser printers. i know some printer drivers that don't go lower than 600 dpi, but the printer can go to 300 dpi and save a ton of toner.
Why light mode on a mobile device? just go dark mode, save the battery and call it good for the day.
more to come...

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