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Why write? IT Journalism, myBlog versus VLOG, Optimization and Streamlining

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Saturday, April 6, 2019
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Why is journalism so important; why write? Because its important to document that which is good to great and awesome.

So it took me a few years of coming and going between my age of 7 to 12 to realize that ones accumulated knowledge should be shared. I have loved libraries for all my life. Always have a library card. Volunteering at libraries for 36+ years has been one of my fortes.
Being a leader at a young age and through my years, knowledge sharing is vital. I have had Flagg's Forum in 1989-1991, and then again in 1999-2001, and now again in 2018-2020. 
While my pen name is Drew Jackson short of Andrew Jackson Wilson then fostered from 18 months to 12 years, and then adopted at 12 years old to become Andrew Robert Flagg.
myBlog is a technology I drafted and use because its not a CMS of sorts, but more just notepad like. Plus, there are some picture embed features but for the most part people want to read. Some read slow, and some read fast, and some skim while some digest and process, and regurgitate. Optimize and streamline your content creation. There are more consumers than producers, so be different and be a producer and creator. Its hard work at first so it seems but it gets easier with practice and time.
my VLOG is the video version of myBlog and they are cross connected in some ways. 10-20 years from now I'll look back and will myBlog still exist? will my VLOG still exist? who knows. Internet content has a way of staying around.
The point I am trying to make is that if you do something good, make it great. Start small, grow, improve, build out, scale up, and make it last. Even if you don't remember all the details, some will and remind you later of what they liked and did not like so much.
IT Journalism seems to be my current forte, one of many. Why IT? because I'm good at it, but then again, being good and great are much different than being awesome. Be awesome. I love being awesome and enjoying helping people with that awesome solving and creation process.
Write a book or series of books. Even flash cards, brochures, etc. All of that is good to great.  
Have fun, be creative, write, read, process, draft, finalize, release, and keep it going. 
more to come...

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