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Batch cmd script for Project Search 43

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Wednesday, April 3, 2019

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I was trying to figure out a way to spin up 20 instances of a project search 43 processor and this little trinket worked just fine... now, I spin up this cmd script of 3 other computers, some 5 instances, some 10, some 20... that's 35 processors running, 100 queries per minute x 35 = 3500 queries per minute. that's not too much to ask of my DNS server, is it?
del "C:\ProgramData\ProjectSearch43\ProjectSearch43\\quit.txt"
for /l %%x in (1, 1, 20) do (
echo %%x
start projectsearch43 process
in project search 43 application, if the argument value of process is found at launch, the processing starts, and while in the processing loop if the quit.txt file is found in the application directory, it nicely ends processing and nicely closes the application and all database handles (2 of them). if i bring up project search 43 by itself and without arguments and click stop everyone then the file quit.txt is created and each processor eventually sees the quit.txt file and checks out and ends processing. that is why when i launch the restart.cmd the first thing it does is deletes the quit.txt file so launching project search 43 with auto process argument it does not just stop at launch.
more to come...

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