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Internet AUP already existed before Zuck and Facebook - use it

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Tuesday, April 2, 2019
View Count: 890, Keywords: Internet AUP, Facebook, Zuck was dozing off again, Hashtags: #InternetAUP #Facebook #Zuckwasdozingoffagain

Zuck just announced 4 ways to make the Internet better and safer. Oddly enough the Internet AUP of the 1970s already states that. Going back to the 1950s DARPA and other forms of the pre-public Internet had rules and network administrators aka megapop gods (little g) were the sheriffs of the network pathways.
Everyone, including Facebook, they just need to refer to it, the Internet AUP of the past, and apply it strongly for the present and future.
Was Zuck dozing off again and then woke up, or was he just ignoring the problem altogether until someone caught him not paying attention or just delegated his authority to those in the boardroom or his executive team who were either greedy, incompetent, profiteering, or a little of all of it and both.
Corporations like Facebook have abused their power for free enterprise profit and I don't blame them for that. yet the privacy, hacking and other forms bad behavior have been let run wild and free for too long.
The megapop gods who control the flow of the Internet do exist and while they have sat back and let this crazy behavior of the Internet growth and content to proliferate, now Facebook seems to be the savior to cry wolf and call out everyone else to follow them again.
They created this crazy and allowed it for profit and now they wish to not condone its own bad behavior anymore because they got called into the office to explain their actions.
for better or worse, I like the freedom but abhor the abuse by others. Let's just call it a day and keep the Internet free as possible and protected and fast as possible.

more to come...

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