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Types of People - High Contact Low Contact, High Energy Low Energy

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Sunday, March 31, 2019

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Which are you?
I am low contact high energy. Myers Briggs whatever, yet, SJFI so you know; that was 30 years ago and probably still true today... I for introvert? really? to learn one must extrovert, but really, I am shall I say.. low contact, high energy... no social butterfly here.. just a home body who loves to learn, experiment, projects, successes, and more.. share learn, care... sort of like the Elks motto.. oddly enough...
Like animals, people are just the same - some are more yappy than others and some are easy going and just happy to be here. So what does that have to do with High Contact versus Low Contact, High Energy versus Low Energy?
as leaders, we need to allocate time to people, and the first 45 days of any leadership post, one has to assess their surroundings and teams. Sometimes, quick changes are made without hesitation, and others take time.
Reorganization for improvement is a constant goal. Constantly changing while keeping the trucks rolling is an art and science. Keeping everyone on board, while you might lose some, you will gain others.
I have seen where my taking over as VP of an organization, we lost a good long time manager who wanted and felt they deserved the job. In all actuality, they would have probably been fine, but not where the organization needed to be in a short time. He could have gotten the organization where it needed to be in 3-4 months, but we needed 3-4 hours. That is a dramatic decision to be made; hire from outside or promote from within.
The high energy and low energy people come into play here. He was a low energy low contact person, and the organization needed high energy high contact to remedy the situation and move the organization along.
so where does that leave leadership? it leaves them realizing they need to assess situations and explain reasoning behind decisions in order for everyone to understand.
know your team, know their energy levels and contact requirement levels. some get things right away, and others take time..
more to come...

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