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Commissions and expanded income opportunities

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Saturday, March 30, 2019

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Over the last 5 years, ever since 2013, when my company started to rescue itself from a major bad decision to support an emergency business friend - we have been in recovery from free fall losses of high value clients, and in return slow to get those high value clients back in other areas of our business.
With that being said, Internet sales and reseller commissions have always existed and while we have tried to consider those revenue streams as major funnels, they have only been minor. Why? I don't know.
Maybe because we rely so heavily on bricks and mortar business model thinking rather than the utopia of Internet channel sales and commissions. Let's change that up then, and go for it.
I know many who are constantly in the middle of sales and make their cut; look at realtors, lawyers, banks; anyone in the transaction business; where they are not really selling or servicing a tangible good per se, but a contract or electronic good.
stay tuned; we have always believed in a cash register on every websites, ergo, our footer for donate if this is valuable, but that is just to get people who have a charitable heart to chip in. where is the real value and real money.
Even online newspapers struggle to be relevant and get paid. it's hard work to offer information for pay in an information age where everyone is a reporter, everyone is an editor, everyone is a publisher; nearly for free of live stuff constantly being shared and sent globally 24/7/365.
more to come...

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