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Are you lukewarm towards your Boss or Leaders? why?

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Monday, March 25, 2019
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Have you ever questioned or considered your boss or leaders to be less than adequate? Make bad decisions consistently? Treat you and others terribly?
I have had the fortune of having great leaders and those that are not so great, well, "lukewarm" toward. I have had to eventually cut them off and out of my life. Do I have one or two of those today? Yep. Do I feel sorry for them? sort of. When someone treats you like crap and don't apologize, just forgive them and move on. Some of them are so self centered they cannot ever see straight and they truly believe they are right. How narcissistic.
How did it happen? You trusted them and they trusted you. One has invested in them and them you, they did you wrong and then you found out how bad they can be, and while it is difficult to unwind efforts and investments, the cordial no thank you anymore comes out of my mind and body towards them. Do they know you don't trust them anymore? usually. Do you care? of course. Do they care? Who knows. Unless they come forward and resolve it after your attempts have failed, its their loss, not yours. Have faith.
What do you do towards them? You treat them like a human being and move on. Unwind your investments in due course and work on winners, not them, the losers.
Keep up your chin and focus on the good stuff. The lesson learned is that your instincts said no to begin with though you were referred and trusted, yet the opposite was not so true.
Be a good leader. Be a good boss. Lead by example and shed and cut off the negative and drama issues. Your life is too precious and your time too valuable to wait for a bad leader to get better. You might have hope for them, but not in your path. They will find their way, but not on your dime and time. 
TIP: try not to be lukewarm. either accept them and they and you fix the situation, or spew them out and cut them off. being on the fence is always a challenge and never a good idea for long.
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