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How to View and See People, Each Person on a Daily Basis

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Friday, March 22, 2019

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Over the last 50 years, I have always had to knack to see people where they were, how they currently are, and into their future. Was it my imagination or some sort of gift.
When I am talking with someone, not only am I listening to them, but for some reason, I can see them as a child-like existence, small, young, fun and frail, and full of funny, and also then into their future, older, aged, wrinkled, and hopefully with a smile and at peace. With children, or without. I wonder and keenly look at them while they are sharing whatever they have to say.
Odd, how I look at the homeless too with the same ability; where did they grow up, their childhood memories and existence and better times, or not, and now, sleeping on a park bench, or on the sidewalk, hungry or not, with or without many of their teeth they had as a child, and then as well, how old are they really now. I see through all the dirt and baggy clothes and I wonder. How will it be and end for them.
When I look at the middle income, rich, super rich, poor and others with not so lavish to very lavish lifestyles, politicians, fathers and mothers, city council, governors, state and federal employees, etc... with and without a cause, all of them have a unique situation and life story to tell; some have taken advantage of the system and those have yet to learn how to balance what is earned versus what is taken, and best of all what is given as a gift, and received and used well.
Much like all of us, our lives will have ups and downs, happy times and sad times. Many will see us for whatever they wish, and use us, abuse us, take advantage; while others will cherish and honor what we can do.
to all, in the end, we are nothing more than a headstone in a park or garden somewhere...
make your memories worth it, and be kind and look into the past and future of each person you meet and have the opportunity to spend a few brief moments enjoying their presence, and appreciating them for what you can.
remember, everyone was once a child and probably did not know what they were going to grow up to be, and yet, when they got older, they looked back and wished for things that did not come true. dreams, wishes, thoughts and hopes... all of these things are good. hold on to them, cherish them, and above all respect one another; be firm when necessary, kind most of the time, helpful and look through the eyes of another. 
oh yes, watch out for scoundrels and greedy people, do what is fair and give and appreciate who you get to help each day. make sure a firm handshake starts and ends a conversation and greeting and meeting, and eye contact, laughter and a cute chuckle and joke it always appreciated from time to time.
peace, amen, and more to come...

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