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The Appeal Process to Congress, Convention of States - applicability to Nevada?

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Friday, March 15, 2019

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Great presentation by Justice Scalia, (year unknown)...
Please remember this is a Non-Partisan dilemma and issue, and solution. It's not one side or the other.
By Andy Flagg
Great video. Thank you whoever. Only 495 views? it needs 30 million views. Scalia may have changed over time and his viewpoints may have been at a time when young and over time his wisdom has changed or his political will power and age made him fear reprise from colleagues of today. I believe in the appeal process when the normal process does not work. I am a firm believer if the problem is made by humans, it can be fixed by humans. The appeal is like a 3rd party ombudsman and/or amicus brief per se. When Congress, the normal process, appears and seems to not work, then an appeal is needed by the people, for the people. the Article V convention of states to deal with an amendable process to the constitution. there are stop gates in the process to keep it from going out of control, and of course, the states determine who is the delegate, and not necessarily a congress person who is handcuffed to their own faults. the problem is in the bubble of congress and those in who have lived long time in the bubble who cannot see the big picture and problem because its inherently now flawed due to lobbying money corruption and flat out human failure. Amen. God Bless America. Nevada in 2017 passed Senate Joint Resolution Number. 10 much to opposition from the people, and agreement from those elected sadly. https://bit.ly/2TdnmSA . It killed over 100 years of convention of states historical records due to their non applicability anymore. When Congress finally acts due to Convention of States pressure, that means the appeal process is working.

The research on article V in Nevada; I did some digging and Nevada SJR10 2017 was a doozey killing all previous convention of states resolutions for Nevada.
source: https://www.leg.state.nv.us/App/NELIS/REL/79th2017/Bill/5462/Overview

I read all the assembly and senate and committee minutes and who, what, when, where and why. That was something else. At first I thought, hmmm.. this COS thing is a bad idea from all the Nevada legislators push back and killing any Article V stuff, but then I read all the opposition to killing Article V resolution actions and our history is amazing.  [~ 99% of those in the NV senate and assembly] voted for SJR10 in May 2017 to kill all Nevada Article V resolution dating back nearly 100 years, and of course it passed 99.9% both house and senate. So much fear of the unknown. They should not fear.
more to come...

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