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Whats My Value Add - part 3

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Wednesday, September 19, 2018
View Count: 521, Keywords: Education, Time Management, Leadership, Communication, Prophets, Innovation, Creativity, Hashtags: #Education #TimeManagement #Leadership #Communication #Prophets #Innovation #Creativity

I just received my first copies of the book I wrote, "What's My Value Add?". At first glance it seems rather small and thin, but within the first few pages is a Table of Contents that is most surprisingly easy to scan and jump right to where you want to go.


After receiving my first shipment, within one day, I gave 2 away, and sold 2 in person, and 1 online. That was fast. Now its time for reviews and the second edition. I believe the 2nd edition I will give away to the first buyers since version 1 was needing a little more to make it great.



In comparison, there was a book I was read that was about the same size as my book called "Getting Straight A's". It was something I noticed in the college bookstore at Oregon Institute of Technology. I was a solid B student, 3.1 to 3.3 every quarter, yet I could not get over that consistently. Ironically, that 40 page book did the trick with 3 rules. I would hope my book What's My Value Add will do the same for others in a special way as well.


Check it out on Amazon.com





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