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Paid News, the more I think about it we should

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Saturday, March 9, 2019

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The more I think about it, the more I believe the news should be paid for.
News agencies have staff, overhead, capital that needs to be paid for.
Part of the news though mandated by federal government should be broadcasted free of charge. Like the news.
A newspaper on the street one had to or has to pay for. You can look at the cover but not the contents. Same goes with magazines. Same should go with television.
To go any further, pay. Now if something in the news is a federal mandated to be shared, then that has to be available. Not propaganda, but real news.
That should solve a lot of problems rather than create new ones. NPR and other things like PBS, Nova, and other forms of government based free to the public, rabbit ears, AM/FM radio should be free and good for kids, elderly, and everyone in the public that needs basic worldly awareness.
yet, the other stuff like what the stock is doing for this company, who got killed, who was born, who died, etc.. unless we mark those of public interest, then no. I guess vital statistics are needed like the flu, the weather, etc.. but other things. Nope, might as well pay for it. You will see a lot of companies just go under or thrive.
Either way, my story on Adwall banning because of adblockers still holds true. that is where this came from.
refer to the original thinking @  https://bit.ly/2SXiPTS
more to come...

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