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Adwalls like Paywalls should be banned

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Saturday, March 9, 2019
View Count: 651, Keywords: Ban, Adwalls, Paywalls, Ad Blockers, Hashtags: #Ban #Adwalls #Paywalls #AdBlockers

Do you go to a website to read the news and you get this annoying Adblocker "adwall" like a PayWall warning, saying to turn off your ad blocker or you won't be able to read the news or look at whatever you are doing.
I love my AdBlocker. I love the Privacy Badger.
Adwalls, this is another invasion of privacy that I believe is the next to fall.
I hate to say it, screw adwalls, screw paywalls, screw newspaper and news websites, screw nielsen, screw robocallers, screw all of them that interfere with your freedom to do anything on the Internet that is technically public, and block you from looking at something without them getting your computer details, location details, cookies, habits, etc.
I guess the GDPR is a great start and that alone is where America should be right now.
Why is it that anything that is awesome really comes not from America but from another country? Is it the laws, the people, the ethics, the superiority of intelligence and common sense.
There should be no logs anyhow, anywhere. The only logs people should have are those that record the integrity of the web servers performance, load, etc without asking for anyone's details.
Can I get an "Amen" to that? Now I have to think about removing my Google Analytics code from myBlog. doh! I own my own servers and the log files (I believe, so I can just uncheck those Logging check boxes like IP address, browser type, etc.)
 refer to additional thinking @ https://bit.ly/2H73TRX
more to come.

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