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Terminal on a Mac shortcut | CMD+spacebar | Type terminal | Press Enter

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Thursday, March 7, 2019
View Count: 815, Keywords: Mac OS X, Searchlight, Terminal, Hashtags: #MacOSX #Searchlight #Terminal

CMD+SPACEBAR | Type "terminal", Press Enter key.. DONE! BAM! 
all this time and I had no clue... well, so many things to get done.. and then report on some really cool stuff that I learn...
I use my Mac-mini about 10 hours per week two or three times and today I was amazed that the shortcut to get to a terminal window in Darwin 18.2 of Mac OS X is CMD+spacebar | type in "terminal" and press enter.
that's it. CMD+spacebar, type in what you are looking for and bam!
the other keyboard shortcuts nice to have to
CMD+T for new window
CMD+W to close current window
CMD+Q to quit current application
ALT+TAB to switch from window to window, app to app.
while I am a Windows person, I do love the Mac.
more to come...

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