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Life - do what you must and want at the same time

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Wednesday, March 6, 2019

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Last night, had a little revelation while in a discussion with my wifey; life is precious, life is great. do what you want and do what you must. its free will, a free country, and your life. do both at the same time. writing that epiphany which i have always known for myself and may not so for others, tends to clench ones chest because want and must seem to contradict each other.
want - this that and the other, not necessarily needed. leave things in your online shopping cart for a day and see if you still need it the next day. you will get a reminder you forgot something, but did you really?
must - what i need to do, not necessarily what others expect of me. remind yourself of that. expectations are a setup for failure. keep your #1 priorities yours. don't let others mess up your schedule. yet listen and take note, and always help others and in doing so, that will help you too. guard your kindness and resources and give it gracefully as a gift when prompted to do so by your instincts not your eyes or other less than strong senses. expect nothing in return and if you do get something.. say thank you. and you are welcome.
remember, this is no rehearsal, this is it. some of us will move on afterwards and others will get stuck. others will never be lost and you will never be lost, just dragged down by others drama or the drama one self inflicts.
so, morale of the story and writing the last as if it is the first that needs to be said and following the rule of three (3): 
1. be happy; wake up, enjoy whatever happens, and go to sleep and rest
2. do what you love and love whom you love
3. repeat #1 and #2 forever..
more to come...

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