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Network MFC Scanning to PDF to Mac OS X via SMB AFP file sharing fiasco

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by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Tuesday, March 5, 2019

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Today was a bit of a jerk for me. When a client buys replacement systems and they are PC based and go directly to the Mac OS X platform, well, they are replacing one set of problems for another.
While their previous computers were a bit of a struggle and had their bi-monthly problems for whatever reason, power outages, internet outages, just bad building wiring, bad power inside wiring, etc.. the goal should have been to upgrade the existing PCs instead of replacing them with Mac OS X.
alas, the solution to scanning from a Taskalfa 4200i to their Mac OS X is quite a problem I found out.
So the unsecure trick is:
On the Mac,
1. Enable Guest folder sharing only
2. Enable Folder sharing, Options SMB, optional AFP
3. In sharing, set Everyone as Read/Write
4. Note: SMB port 445 is fine. the AFP port is 548 but not necessary, just good to know
5. Firewall if On or Off, just check that SMB folder sharing is listed and checked
6. on the Scanner, use the account Guest and the hostname or IP, port 445
7. click Test Scan and it should connect and come back Success | OK.
here is the caveat: the permissions of the scan are set to NOBODY group which is a pain the behind, so the folder sharing permissions reset item permissions must be done. The ACLs sudo command for SMB recursion may or may not be needed and might or might not work.
more to come...

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