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Google Earth - How to enter geographic coordinates?

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Tuesday, March 5, 2019

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I was helping some people find the Sleeper Mine online and the Google Maps and Google Earth were not being so friendly so I did a quick lookup with quadrant maps and found the GPS coordinates by latitude and longitude. Yet Google Earth was not friendly, so I had to figure out how Google Earth wanted me to enter the coordinates.

The real answer is found by learning the degree symbol and then the value and ordering of the coordinates. Some folks had it all wrong, and so this is the right way.
Find the Sleeper Mine.
1. open google earth, in the address, the latitude, longitude.
2. use keyboard keystroke ALT+0176 for each degree symbol in #3 (note the numeric keypad is useful)
3. type in the following: 41°20, -118°02'55
4. click Search.

1. Google earth has it first latitude, and then longitude. some software programs will have this reversed.

2. Most maps will show longitude to the west of 0° as a positive value, when you need to specify a negative value for Google Earth.  For example 41°20,118°02'55 should be 41°20,-118°02'55

Degree Symbol

This was my first find of how to do it, but it did not answer my question (I let Jeff the author know).
more to come...

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