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the phrase...must be abandoned

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Monday, March 4, 2019
View Count: 517, Keywords: abandon, technology, fast, dead end, solutions, Hashtags: #abandon #technology #fast #deadend #solutions

I was reading an article this morning about legacy RDBMS and a phrase came to my eyes, "must be abandoned" and I immediately realized why I sometimes procrastinate; I am slow to abandon on some things.
here is the article: https://www.infoq.com/articles/relational-nosql-fauna
"I was at Twitter at the time running the software infrastructure team, and it seemed obvious to us that it was possible to build a system that could transparently deliver scale and flexibility, so, along with others in the industry, we set about to do it as open-source, initially investing heavily in Apache Cassandra, Hadoop, and other storage platforms. And when your business requires scale, anything that get in its way must be abandoned."
...anything that gets in the way... must be abandoned.
this is a really charged statement. i have so many things in my life that allow to stay in my way, and I don't let go of them quickly, for whatever reason. I tend not to give up on people and things so easily as others and that might seem like a weakness, I find it a strength. However, with that being said, my other wonderful characteristic in line with this is my slowness to anger. But once I get there.. watch out. ;-)
"Anything that gets in [sic] its way must be abandoned." A nice phrase. I'll find it useful shortly.
more to come...

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