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Internet Browsers, so many...just 3 really

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Sunday, February 17, 2019
View Count: 565, Keywords: internet browsers, best, worst, firefox, chrome, brave, safari, opera, edge, ie, chromium, Hashtags: #internetbrowsers #best #worst #firefox #chrome #brave #safari #opera #edge #ie #chromium

In the past few months, the browser wars are heating up again. A year ago, a new one slipped into the market place called Brave. My PC and Mac friends all have their preferences from IE, Chrome to Firefox, and then Safari or Opera.
Well, it was not that long ago when Netscape Navigator 4.5 dominated the industry and Internet Explorer was just getting its feet wet. Well, NN 4.5 dies off and IE continued to be dominant and Microsoft took a hit from unfair competition, but that was 20 years ago.
Today, we have Firefox and Chrome leading the charge. If you are on a PC, Mac or Linux, the go to is Firefox. here is why.
IE - strict as hell, most developers who use this for testing only are stupid, and not very easy to fix (Internet Explorer / Exploder)
FF - medium strictness, light, fast, runs most web apps, easy to fix (Firefox)
Chrome - light, fast, easy to fix, can be picky to run web apps, won't play with most others and things usually, good to use going out in the weeds on research, (Google Chrome)
** an up and comer is Brave
** read the 2019 reviews on Browsers
Opera - cool
Chromium - creepy weird, slippery when wet
Safari - cool
When I mean cool, it's nice to look at. Do I use it. Nope. Same goes with referrals to other computer companies. If I say they are cool, it means, nice to look at, i might try it one and keep it around for application and web design/development testing, keep on the shelf and let them hang around, but use them, probably not so, and if so, then one particular thing and that thing only.
The mac folks have their specific preferences like Mac Mail and other things and of course, it just works, and they are so used to it. I sometimes wonder if a Mac person would be like a fish out of water and not very flexible in the world without Apple their to make their lives cute and quaint.
My favorite for all things considered if Firefox. Though the 32 bit fell off about a year ago, and most Java based gamers on Pogo and other platforms played Java hell with Firefox, let alone any other browser, the 64 bit is here to stay.
more to come...

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