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Why all this tech bloat for basic needs?

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Monday, February 11, 2019

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For years, I have noticed a growth in complexity of IT solutions for basic needs. Let me be blunt and explain the basics of today's needs. Don't over complicate it.
#1 need a database, probably more than one, maybe three max
#2 needs to be global and secure and always available for everyone
#3 needs to be always backed up and error free
I could go on and on and make things complicated, but I won't.
Why do we have to keep making the same wheel for the same need more complex?
Let me explore the simplicity of our lives as of today, and looking back and forward at the same time.
For example, I need car insurance. I need to research and buy some tires. I need to look up the price of some food and see if there are bargains or coupons available. I need to see a list of doctors for my teeth, back, kids or our family health. I need workman comp for my business? I need to post a job or look for a job. I need to look up and pay my bills. I would like to vote. I would like to contact my local city, county, state or national leader.
All of these examples use to be solved using old school, bricks and mortar solutions. In the past we would walk to an address in person and do our business. Then came the post, a postcard, envelope and stamp. Then we got teletype and rotary telephones, and then advanced communications.
All for the sake of convenience, speed and mass appeal and delivery. What about ease of usability?
While the world got smaller, our competition to communicate and get what we wanted also got complicated. Still the basic need stayed the same. Population growth within the same borders increased our need to not just serve one to many on a small scale, it became one to many on a large scale.
Today with the need to support not just hundreds of people in a small town or city, we need to support locally thousands and if not millions across the country. People move. People are born, get married or divorced, remain single and then die. People vote. People get hired, transferred, promoted, demoted, or fired. All of these life changes and life needs are recorded as vital statistics. Those vital statistics goes somehere.
Where am I going with all of this? It's called data. The capture, storage and retrieval and dissemination of data.
Is that data used for good? for our benefit? or against us? I believe it is all used somehow, somewhere for some reason by all parties at many levels.
Going back to square one, how can we simplify our needs back to the 1.2.3 that I described at the top? Why did it get so complicated?
How can we achieve still the need for convenience, speed, and mass delivery?
Can we put the genie back in the bottle? If so, how? How can we deduce, reduce and reproduce a greater system without the pain of change? Can we? I hope so.
why do we keep reinventing the wheel?  we don't have to. I have not reinvented my tools and wheels for nearly 20 years. The same techniques and approaches still work, and they will work for the foreseeable future as well.
People ask me how I keep up. I just say, it's just 1's and 0's. No more. No less. 
How do we achieve #1, #2, and #3 above. Easy. let me show and tell you how.....

more to come...

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