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this is how ssl encrypt our websites
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Linux Peppermint, Crossover, 2FA, MFA, Amazon

Linux Tux Amazon AWS

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Friday, February 8, 2019

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So our trial usage of the Crossover product by Codeweavers expired and that is fine. My client needed to at least test what was possible. We wanted Crossover to be 2FA or MFA enabled if possible. Not so at this time. Even trying to get LastPass to work through it, nope. Not yet.
oh the installation office 2016 pro trick, in crossover, install the microsoft stack, IE 8, .net 2, etc. its long and arduous but it works. oh, and when you do get a popup from crossover that a dependency is needed, drop to a terminal prompt and sudo the command required before continuing on with the installation of anything.. and by the way, using the windows 7 64 bottle is fine.. and... the video weirdness was due to IE8 and microsoft stack not being installed. did i have to reboot? not really, but if you do your installation asks you to reboot on any component, DON'T reboot, just keep going.. do the terminal sudo to grab dependencies at needed and don't reboot until you see the office 2016 pro welcome and it will finish..

The hard part about testing is whether or not we can get 2FA or MFA on all layers of a computer system, from boot, to login to application launch. Ironically, there are hardware solutions and integrated software solutions.
The military, government, gaming companies, and even Google talk about how good their 2FA and hardware dongle USB or CardKey swipe technology works.
The hard part about all of that is for every hoop one has to jump through, there is a workaround and break in technique
So, we are looking at Amazon EC2 2FA and MFA stuff and I know about that and use that to some degree for cloud solutions, but what about cloud workstations and usb dongles to a cloud instance? hmmmm...
to share some crazy hacking and 2FA versus MFA bypassing.. .
how did Jeff Bezos get hacked? his 2FA MFA should have been airtight. His full time security team should have no problem finding out who did it, and if not, Anonymous by now probably knows who did it.
So, Even Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, can't figure out how someone got ahold of his pictures and text on his cell phone, unless it was his own fault. I don't know. Don't care. Like I always said, its not if, it is just when you find out you have been hacked. I know all cloud storage stuff has been hacked. Our government loves to just wander around and attempt to crazy hack anything and everything. That's what they do. Look at the other countries. I don't need to name them.
When will TeamViewer be hacked? I asked that of the company, and no response.
Back to the subject at hand.
I wanted CrossOver to be 2FA enabled. in fact, why not everything have 2FA enabled.
more to come...

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