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SOTU 2019 - honoring the Davids. Thank you POTUS.

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Wednesday, February 6, 2019

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The 2019 State of the Union address by President Trump was pretty good.
here is what he covered: ALOT
here is what he missed: NOT MUCH
how do I feel about it. pretty good. Was VP Pence cool.? yup. Was HS Pelosi cool? chilly funny.
The unique situation and connection I had was double murder here in Reno Nevada of Jerry (Gerald) and Sherry David. The daughter/family was at the SOTU address. Jerry and Sherry's, I visited with both of them a few days prior to their murder helping them at home with their computer needs. Sherry, always so nice to see yet almost blind as a bat, and Jerry so charming and funny, can't hardly breath let alone hear me. Jerry mentioned to me of being robbed the night before, and the night before that. I told him to be careful. They stole some of his fishing gear and favorite fishing rods (marlin/mitchell?). Anyhow, we chatted like our usual once per year and then he gave me a bag of chocolate nut mix and bag of pistachios like normal and I was on my way. He spoke about the wind almost breaking off his power pole the other week. NV Energy was going to be out there to deal with that. Again, his cat, and Sherry's two dogs (yorkie's or australian something or ruther)... were there to greet me like usual.. i love animals.. a very sad situation in deed. I told Jerry to be good and have fun. I looked at Sherry's saddle in the dining room and it had 2002 Reno Rodeo gold seal on it, a fine saddle in deed. Their horses, Razzi and Raffin will miss them, and their good ole AOL email accounts will just have to go by the wayside. Happy Trails to a nice couple. I had the pleasure of helping them for over a decade, and enjoying their big screen TV that Sherry could barely see. Jerry I told him how much I wanted to buy his home when they were done with it. Good memories and times. Oh well, Godspeed and Amen. I knew when they passed it was hard, I told my wife the dream I had on the morning of the day they were murdered, I dreamed a battle occurred and Heaven's Angels were there battling for them and to protect them and take them away. It was all good in the end. I hope they did not suffer much, but alas, this is not the first time I had seen and heard of deaths occur prior to ones last moments. My Mom and Dad, the parents who raised me, both woke me up before they died visiting me to make sure everything was okay, and to let me know they could go now, and that is a good way to say good bye. Witnessing the battle for the David's by Angels in my dreams was rough to watch but it was good to know they had Angels on their side. I was probably one of the last ones to see them and visit with them at home. God Bless America and God Speed.
The rest of the POTUS speech was good.
Oh yeah, BUILD THE WALL. If my front door on my store was as open as the US southern border, I might as well not have a door at all. I mean 1300 miles concertina wire 12' high or something like that. It should cost 1 billion to complete, time and materials, and 100 million per year to maintain. That would be a juicy vendor contract and DHS might as well be the US Coast Guard too.
More to come...

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