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this is how ssl encrypt our websites
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Never-Slow-Mode, Google will force website redesigns

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Tuesday, February 5, 2019

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business owners beware: this is a head note: if your website is mobile friendly first and very heavy in CSS and HTML, your website may crash shortly. All I can say, is I told you so, three times in the past 5 years.
Google is testing, never slow mode --> https://bit.ly/2UCgKy6
Google is now catching up to the mobile data streaming hogs. One of the mottos of our mission and company is to streamline PCs and the Internet. One of the biggest trends we caught on to was back in 2013 when web designers were bloating their CSS and HTML for a "good look" rather than a "good experience".
Fast forward 4 years, and we noted the bloat of data line lengths exceeding 1024 characters all the time or just one continuous data line which caused text editors to balk at showing the file. Was that intentional, yes and no. A simple html get would pull the data without parsing through line returns and character returns, but then again, the data was not intended to be edited or viewed. then came base 64 hex code that violated anti-virus filtering because signatures were having to look deeper into the data packets.
Moving forward, SlashDot now reports that problem as a workaround by Google to implement never-slow-mode. It's hard to push back against a non-standard except to start blocking the content and make web designers go back and rework their websites. Good and bad for business owners. Web Developers never cause this kind of havoc.
on Tuesday February 05, 2019 @08:50AM (#58073782)
about damn time web designers with heavy CSS and HTML need to tighten it up. they don't give an rats a** when they believe their mobile clients all have unlimited data and time to wait for their beautification to download; furthermore, been analyzing page loads for 3 months and so correct, out of 1.5 million home pages, of the 119 million to be processed, it appears that more that 3% have this problem as so reported and growing. side note: if you have a search engine with a spider and are looking for the title and keywords meta tag, you have to dig a little deeper. my hope and goal is to show that those elements are and should be within the first 1000 characters of any landing / home page.

Google Tests 'Never-Slow Mode' for Speedier Browsing


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