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Go Green PC Tune Up - February 2019 Release

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Monday, February 4, 2019

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Welcome to February 2019 GGPCTU Release
Since the last release Dec 2018, we have made only a few changes to the Go Green PC Tune Up. The Release Notes in Open Startup Files feature describes all the major and minor revisions.

Tip #1. When the program launches, the Memory Load percentage needs to be less than 50% unless you have a ton of programs running which is fine. If your computer is just booted and idle that % should be from 20% to 40% (see screenshot at the bottom of this message).

The software utility has three main benefits:

#1. Fix performance (21 Point Tune Up)
#2. Optimize recovery settings (Create Restore Point)
#3. Check Performance (free to check)

#1 is not free. #2 is free. #3 is free. Feel free to download and try, share this email and sign-up for more announcements.  If you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to contact sales@gogreenpctuneup.com

Home Page is at https://GoGreenPCTuneUp.com

That's it for now. Happy Computing! more to come...

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note: for those receiving the newsletter, the sample screen shot had the wrong date in the title bar of 02/04/2018 and that was corrected to 02/04/2019, and the sample serial # 8951289512 was for testing. it is not a valid serial number. if you want to be a beta tester or developer contact our team.

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