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this is how ssl encrypt our websites
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DNS security | DHS finally wakes up and tells the public

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by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Wednesday, January 30, 2019

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DNS security for government domains, just now becoming a public warning. Its sort of long overdue and DNS hijacking is not new. Its about 2 years over due. My bad too. I know when I authenticate DNS its with a strong password and a protected email account.
Do I use paid Privacy services to hide my information my contact information? no. There are two levels of security and protection, and if hackers get through one layer, they surely might attempt the second layer, and by then, triggers should be going off at domain registrars who have IP authentication AI running to say, "hey, you are coming from somewhere I am not necessarily family with or used to. Let me verify you by a few 2FA or MFA methods." If hackers really want it, to mess, steal, hijack, subvert and use bitcoin mining plugins, then they must really want in.
Companies like Dyn (formerly DynDNS) was attacked via DDOS (denial of service), and lately the DNSSEC group has been rolling out updates DNS zone transfer cyber keys to update their root transfers and control.
Good stuff. read more @ https://www.cyberscoop.com/dhs-dns-directive-government-shutdown/
was it about time? yeah, but most of know that we need 2FA and MFA (two factor and multi-factor authentication) and even that is a now becoming obsolete and hijacked.
what I am sharing with many....
 Just an FYI – make sure 2FA is enabled on most major things.  And that is why you have two factor authentication (2FA) on your Registrar's domain registration of your domains, which leads to the DNS configuration which is what can be hijacked. Be careful and not be spoofed.   2FA It’s good for now, and will need to get stronger. Most financial clients I am supporting now have MFA (multi-factor authentication / Biometric, password, text, and location awareness) and that is getting a little tricky and layered. Keep your eyes and ears open.
more to come...

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