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Node.js versus Ruby on Rails

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Tuesday, January 22, 2019

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I have been looking at Ruby on Rails versus Node.js and the two are quite interesting. I don't program in them yet, but I have dabbled. For me, Node.js is the path to go, but Ruby on Rails is rather interesting.
for the video that I like is at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okMVc3-aCKQ
Back in 2014, the local TMCC (community college) was asking about languages as #1 through #100. The top on that list for them was Python, Java, C++. I can appreciate that. For me, it was more like Javascript, SQL and C#.
I was a developing on a different framework and stack. I was in the middle of using a little of both. For the world, there are two development framework stacks: Microsoft (Windows Server, IIS, MSSQL, .Net) or LAMP (Linux, Apache, MariaDb, Python).
For me there is a middle ware integration between the two called Javascript, ASP, OLEDB and some other open connectors that are designed for both. That is the hybrid that I always speak of that just continues to be the ever changing.
The best solution to staying relevant is to stay on par with what the industry needs to do business.
For the state and local agencies I work with, I notice that the legacy applications continue to work and the choice of new applications is a hodge podge of decisions yet to reach maturity.
what do we do? the state of nevada and washoe county records division for marriage and divorce is now on a pilot block chain platform from Titan Seal. The DMV division is getting probably ready to look at their opportunity explore that. Hopefully those that were part of any and all fiascos have either learned or been replaced. We cannot repeat the errors of the past at great cost.
more to come...

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