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Google CEO says artificial intelligence will be more important than fire or electricity for humans

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Monday, January 21, 2019
View Count: 735, Keywords: CEO Google, AI, fire, electricity, Hashtags: #CEOGoogle #AI #fire #electricity

again, i re-iterate; i believe in data analysis for the betterment of mankind and actions to follow with human hands and feet, sweat and passion. fire and electricity are some pretty big leaps in humankind. AI i don't think so. and if so, then to what good? AI to me is still a great hobby, not something i want running my house or other things.so, Mr. Google CEO, if you would please use this AI to help us reach and live among the stars on other planets safely so we can continue as a species when this planet and star system is used up and decaying, i say yes.

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