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The Matrix Trilogy - Neo is said to be the One - Is Agent Smith the One?

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Saturday, January 19, 2019

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Quick Answer: No, Agent Smith is not the one. Mr. Anderson is the One, Neo is The One.
I was on YouTube today and after reviewing the Infinity War movie trailers and explanations, and noticed the Matrix Trilogy review and is Neo the One? or Agent Smith? after watching the entire video, and reading a very long reply, i came to this conclusion after noting one did not so much need to read the rest after just skimming the start. i concur it was long, yet worth the read. what else are we doing on a Saturday? watching NCAA basketball in lieu of the NFC AFC championships tomorrow on Sunday leading to NFL Super Bowl 53?
here is the YouTube link. Watch this and then come back and read this reply by Mortebianca3. It's a doozy and well worth it. Even Christians like me appreciate the parallelism of The Matrix to modern protestant christian faith. Yet, it is a movie with lots of symbolism of Christ, God, the church (as if), the Trinity and more. Enjoy!
Film Theory: Neo ISN'T The One in The Matrix Trilogy 

my thinking -- The Matrix Trilogy - The One, is it Neo or Agent Smith
This is my take:[ i am not one to] sort of like reading genesis, then stopping and not getting to revelations. the journey is interesting, almost too much drama with dogma, and/or what we call life. n'est-ce pas? Au contraire! Is life infinite or finite? when did Neo become self aware? self conscious? how far back could he realize his existence came to be and how that was so. a deep question indeed for which each of us has the answer within though takes a life time to discover or die not doing so and then realizing, oh. it was that simple after all. quite apropos. Oui?

 copy and paste the entire in order to save it - all rights are retained to the author:
Watch the video and the come back and read this reply by :  Mortebianca3 years ago (edited)
Sorry Matt, but I disagree with you in everything this time. it's the first time actually....

1) Born in Matrix means he wasn't born "100% human" in Zion, not that he was born into the actual Operative System as a program. This is forcing things a little too much on your theory.

2) Smith never said things that imply that he was there in the First Matrix, he is a Machine: he is connected to everything, he knows everything that the Machine Collective knows, but he NEVER said anything that proves he was there.

3) It is true that Smith COULD (No proof of that being true) have lived in the first Matrix while Neo could not since he is just a human born into the latest Matrix, but We'll get to that later on.

4) Neo changed A LOT OF THINGS: He curved a metal spoon, he thereafter curved the rope of an elevator, he curved the surface of an ENTIRE SKYSCRAPER, he was able to VIRTUALLY RESURRECT Trinity, he shows massive superpowers (they also alter reality) and by the end of the Matrix Trilogy he has clearly the potential to change everything. HE EVEN SAW as a blind person the MACHINE FLOW (Matrix rap) and KILLED ROBOTS JUST BY WAVING HANDS.

Smith did change a lot of things, but you forgive the most important thing: HE IS A MACHINE, it's pretty obvious he could as a regular machine, and that now as a Rogue program and a Virus he is even more powerfull.

There is nothing amazing in that, what is amazing is that a HUMAN can do these things.
It's like the Merovingian. Plus it's implied that the One shoudl change Matrix in favour of Humanity, not AGAINST it.
The One is a Messiah, it is not a dictatorial hive-mind of viruses, this is the greatest hole in your theory.

5) The "Rebel machine" part was flawed as hell.
There are TONS of machines that got rogue, the entire MEROVINGIAN empire is based on this concept. Machines do get errors, bugs, they get old, they ged obsolete, they eventually must be terminated, or they acquire some degree of consciousness, they eventually find their way to "delete" the connection to the Collective Consciousness of the Machines and become rogue programs, bugs, ghosts. Smith is nothing special, he is not even the first one.

I mean, the Merovingia is the actual MESSIAH of these programs, he was the one who ruled the underowlrd of free programs that REBELLED against the Machines. By applying your logic, he is the real Messiah, the real One (and it is theorized he was, in the previous Matrix).

6) You talk a lot about how Smith is human when he talks, he is human because he rebels (Quite a surprise that's not rare in the machine world...), but you forgot how he HATES the entire human race, says SO MANY TIMES he hates it, he considers it as a Virus that should go extinct and in fact it is quite ironic he became a Virus itself, this is how he viewed humans and this is how Neo modified him by connecting to him). and how he, by overwriting himself on EVERYTHING, almost caused the Crash for both Machines and Humans that would lead to the end of both civilization. NOT a Messiah, not Human, just a rogue program thinking about itself.
Neo, on the other hand, is the savious of humanity, who rebelled agaist the machines FOR HUMANITY, and SAVED HUMANITY, by SACRIFICING HIMSELF. This is BY DEFINITION the One (The One, in the Prophecy, is the One who fights FOR Humanity, but I'll prove this point better later on)

7) Come on Matt: Smith wanted to DESTROY the Matrix, and By destroy I mean Hiroshima and Nagasaki, not a punch in the face. What HE wanted was to destroy it, period, extinction.
What Neo actually did was to make it RELOAD, which is totally different from the original intention of Smith.
This is why he screamed when he KNEW that it was all Neo's plan, he made himself absord into Smith, which was ONE with the Matrix, which merged Neo with the Matrix and the Source, using his code to make the Reload.

And Smith? He SCREAMED in terror when he realized that.
This basically debunks your theory that he was the aweited messiah (for the "unwilling messiah", see below)

8) Your entire theory is flawed because it reasons like this "Ok Jesus is not the Messiah, JUDAS IS, because without his act Jesus would not be crucified", but you actually make him sound like the hero and the ACTUAL saviour, while he actually made all of that because of his own Ego, and hw was not the saviour of Humanity (This is a un-biased discussion, I'm not here to talk about religion, it's just an example, if you don't believe in it nothing changes).

9) You showed that you didn't quite understand the ending, this explains how you got this theory wrong.
First of all, YOU KNOW that she never said "you are no the one" and that she let him believe that because "This is what you had to hear" as Morpheous told him.
The Oracle does not tell the truth, she tells WHAT WE NEED TO HEAR to perform certain action, she is a Psychological and Statistical program that knows how human minds work and how the laws of cause and effect apply to masses of people.

The "Dangerous game" was her supporting the Humans (Morhpeus stated "She's been on our side since the Beginning"), Supporting the One and by the end LYING to Smith, not to Neo, because when Smith absorbed her he believed that it would make him invincible, knowing the past and the future.

What he DIDN'T know was that by Winning that battle he would Loose everything.

10) This is the final argument against your theory.
It is stated quite clearly that the ONE is the one with the Code inside himself.
And that is Neo, this was claimed so many times you can't doubt it without basically doubt the entire trilogy.

So this is the first reason why NEO is the ONE, and Smith is NOT.

Neo has the Code, Neo MUST enter the Source, the Architect can't be wrong about this and it is not, since this is EXACTLY that happens in the end.

Neo MUSt enter the Source, which is inside Matrix, the Operative System.

But Matrix is ONE with the Smith Virus collective, which is going to crash the system if not stopped.

Neo Must (as a good Messiah) SACRIFICE himself, by being DEFEATED and ABSORBED by Smith.
And by being absorbed by Smith, he becomes One with the Matrix, one with the Source, the Code goes into the Source, and Smith dies.

Why is that? Because every program has a Raison d'Etre. Every program has an objective, an end, a mission, a quest.
Such quest is his reason to live, his reason to fight, his prime directive.

When the quest is completed, the program becomes useless and gets deleted.

Smith's quest was to defeat Neo, defeat ERRORS, defeat THE ONE BUG THAT BINDS THEM ALL.

Neo is the Ultimate enemy for a program that hunts BUGS.

And Smith, by "merging" with Neo at the end of the First Movie, became a rogue Virus.
Because he FAILED his mission. But by merging with Neo he FELT (He was not FORCED) compelled to rebel, because he was now partly human. He became a Rogue program (LIKE TONS OF OTHERS) but much stronger, a Virus.

he started to infect everything, but his PRIME DIRECTIVE was always the same: Destroy Neo. He was obsessed with it.

He even absorbed the Oracle, and was now capable to Foresee the entire future, and his Final Winning against Neo.

Neo on the other hand is the Human capable of Changing reality and has the Code inside him as DEFINITIVELY stated by the Architect and the Oracle.

He represents Humanity.

He goes into the Machine City, they tell him that the "Plan" is going into dust, because the entire Matrix is under Smith control.
If Smith destroyed the Matrix as he PLANS and IS GOING TO, both Humans and Machines will die out as Matrix is the main source of energy for machines and...new humans for humans.

So Neo must ENTER THE MATRIX while connected to "Deus Ex Machina", the main AI.

He must FIGHT the now God-level Admin of Matrix, Smith, who KNOWS he will defeat Neo.

And HE DOES, he DEFEATS Neo, he INFECTS HIM and Absorb him.

But then Deus puts the input (LOL) in, he makes the Code of NEO go inside the Source.

Now Smiwht has achieved his goal.

He has defeated Neo, the Final error. Not only that, he has virtually defeated EVERY SINGLE ERROR since the Matrix is going to be reloaded. He has completed the task, like a genie that has realized the final wish must go inside the lamp, Smith has completed his PORPOUSE (He repeats that word all along), and destroys himself.

And The Matrix gets reloaded.

Now Humans and Machines are at Peace, Humans will be free to leave the Matrix if they want, but Humans can't destabilize the Matrix too much.

And now THE FINAL QUESTION: WHY didn't Smith know he was going to die?
If he has all of those Oracle power, how couldn't he miss that?

BECAUSE the Oracle didn't know herself. Because that was not a prediction, it was Faith.

She said that to Seraph (an Angel name) "Did you always know?
"Oh no, but I believed"

She BELIEVED, a quite Human act, she HOPED the plan worked, she HOPER Neo, the MESSIAH, could save Humanity, that everything went well, that Humans and Machines both (Deus and Neo) did their job and defeated Smith.

This is the final argument, the Matrix trilogy also had faith in the various themes. Isn't Matrix in fact a tale about an Illusory world that deludes us, an Oracle predicting salvation and Humans having FAITH that a Messiah (which is Human but is also a Machine, the SON of Machines) must take vevery single error in himself and SACRIFICE in a death battle against Evil, in which the Messiah is sacrificed but the Evil itself is defeated by winning in killing the Messiah.

So yeah.
-Smith does not have the Code, was not into the First Matrix, was no the ONE according to anyone.
-Neo has the Code, has the power to change reality, sacrificed himself, realized the profecy, is the perfect Messiah, he is the ONE according to EVERY-ONE.
-Smith was evil all along, had no intenction of saving humanity and was defeated for rational reasons.

-For all the previous arguments we have to logically conclude that NEO was THE ONE as even implied by the name, while Smith was evil all along, and this Theory was Falsified.

PS: You almost got me into the "mama" part, but consider that the Architect claimed "You can consider me the Father (of the Matrix) while the Mother is the Oracle".

So she was his mother, and the mother of every single program.

Again Matt: Nothing special, sorry.

I hope you read this comment, or someone does at least.

I also will add a more complete explanation of How the Matrix, the Prophecy, the One, the Ending and Neo work.

1) We must first understand WHAT IS THE MATRIX?
The Matrix is a simulation created to put humans in a virtual world while machines use them as batteries, basically.

The Matrix is an Informatic System, so it has Bugs and it may crash.
It is an Equation, everything is numbers and constants, it must be balanced.

In this case, the Matrix MUST be accepted by the humans. When humans do not accept it, bugs fill the Matrix and eventually lead to crash.

The First Matrix was constructed by the Architect as a Heaven, but Humans could not accept this reality and 100% REFUSED this reality, leading to crash and Reloading.

So the Architect made the Second Matrix with a Law of Cause and Effect, quite less perfect, but Humans yet again refused this reality, 100% refusal, crash. They could not accept this deterministic system.

The Third Matrix was constructed on the basis of Human History, yet again people REFUSED IT.

So a program developed to Understand Psychology and Statistics, the Oracle, proposed a new way: to leave a CHOICE (this is REALLY IMPORTANT), even if unconscious.
this lead to 99% of acceptance, the Matrix would last a lot longer.
But everytime someone refused Matrix he would be thrown out (And they would eventually form Zion), and EVERY SINGLE TIME this happened the Matrix got bugs, that would eventually accumulate and lead to crash. The problem was just shifted, not solved.

That is why the Architect and the Oracle invented a way to solve this problem, the One.

Quote to prove:

"The Path of the One was vital because 1% of the population rejects the Matrix. The programming of the Matrix is not designed to handle even a single rejection. The only way for it to operate at peak efficiency is when there is 100% acceptance of the programming. The Architect's attempts resulted in 100% rejection. Yet even though the Oracle's version of the Matrix yielded nearly 99% acceptance, there was still a degree of rejection that had to be dealt with."

"Each rejection (referred to as an anomaly by the Architect) is in the form of code within the Matrix that acts somewhat like a "Bug". Over time, the number of rejections begins to build up and threatens the entire system. When this happens, the Architect states that it has become a systemic anomaly. This systemic anomaly must be taken care of or else the Matrix will eventually crash-killing everyone who is hardwired to the Matrix."

"The solution is to take the systemic anomaly, attach it to the One and have the One bring it to the Source where it can be destroyed. This gathering of the systemic anomaly and attaching to the One is referred to as the integral anomaly. This is the code that the One carries which must be disseminated at the Source. The One stands in proxy for all those who have rejected the Matrix.
By entering the Architect's chamber and choosing to return to the Source, the One has essentially accepted the Matrix and has negated all the rejections attached to him. This brings the Matrix to 100% acceptance. However, this is only temporary, as it is only a matter of time before someone rejects it. Therefore, the Architect must quickly reload the Matrix while it is still at 100% acceptance."


The One is a random human who is chossen to bring two things: he brings the PRIME PROGRAM and he is also burdening on himself all of the errors that humans caused when they chose freedom.

That is, The One is THE CHOICE, he is the representation of Human Freedom, He is the one Bug to bind them all, he is what makes the Equation Unbalanced.

"Your life is the sum of a remainder of an unbalanced equation inherent to the programming of the Matrix. You are the eventuality of an anomaly, which despite my sincerest efforts I have been unable to eliminate from what is otherwise a harmony of mathematical precision." (Architect)

3) What is the PRIME PROGRAM? I'll quote the official wiki here:

"The Prime Program is the title which The Architect gave to the Path of The One. In reference to computer programming, a prime program is a subprogram within a larger program (referred to as a proper program). In this case, the Matrix is the proper program, while the Path of the One is a subprogram within the Matrix."

"A prime program is a subroutine that has a single entry point and a single exit point, with any number of decision nodes along the way. This subprogram was created in order to guide the One to the Source, which is the exit point for the Path of the One. This was confirmed by The Oracle, who stated that the Path of the One ends at the Source. Because reaching the Source is the exit point for the prime program, the One must reinsert it into the programming of the Matrix in order to start the cycle over again."

The Prime Program is a program, and it is composed of a Journey the One must do, a Journey that starts at his birth and ends at THE SOURCE.

The Source is where every program that ended (or failed) his porpuouse, every program which is too old or bugged, every program that must be deleted, should go.

And this is where every program came from, it's the Singularity of Robots.

The prime Program is also directly connected to the Source, giving the One great powers, even stronger than agents.

So the ONE has the Prime Program and must get into the Source.
The One brings with himself all of the errors and bugs to the Source, and when he reaches the Source the Prime program activates, leading to the RELOADING of the Matrix, a reloading which will (Temporary) fix every bug.

The One will also choose a group of humans that will create Zion again (since the old Zion will be terminated).

"After he died, the Oracle prophesied his return and that his coming would hail the destruction of the Matrix, end the war; bring freedom to our people."

So the One brings every "Sin" (Bug) In Himself, is connected to the Source, has God-like powers and will eventually go into the Source to save Humanity (because if Zion was destroyed and Matrix crashed no human would survive), he is quite the Messiah.

But he will not only have the powers of a Messiah, he will LOOK like one and will be KNOWN like one.

I'll quote again:

"The Path of the One is a necessary subprogram to ensure that the One will act according to the Architect's wishes. It is one of the control measures created with the help of the Oracle, who understands the human psyche. The Path of the One is designed to create within the One a messiah complex. The One is granted special powers by virtue of his connection to the Source in order to make his role as a messiah believable."

"Each decision node along the Path of the One is designed to create a sense of attachment between the One and humanity. Believing himself to be the savior of mankind, the One will take the necessary steps to ensure that humanity continues, albeit in an enslaved state."

So the Oracle makes a Prophecy to humans, that they will find The One and he will save them. When The One is found the Oracle leads him to assume the role of a Messiah, and his powers strenghten this belief. The Path of the One MUST end to the Source, every single Oracle prediction and suggestion will lead him there.

So This is basically the One: has the Prime Program, is directly connected to the Source (which grants him powers) and is also connected to every single bug in the system, he is predicted by the Oracle (who creates a sorta religion around this figure in humans) and will eventually assume the role of a Messiah, which will lead him to the Source, where the Prime Program will activate the Reloading of Matrix.

This WAS the Plan for Five Matrixes. But Neo was different.


"This process was subverted in the case of Neo, whose attachment to Trinity was stronger than his attachment to humanity. This love for Trinity was strong enough that he was willing to sacrifice humanity in order that he might save her."

All of the previous Ones were attached to Humanity, but this One was also attached to a particular femminine Human, Trinity (Quite the religious reference here), which was on the balance of his CHOICE.

So he refuses to enter the Source, but HIS DESTINY (as stated by the Oracle) is still to get into it, he will END HIS PATH THERE, one way or the other.

"Neo breaks the cycle of destruction because of his love for Trinity, who he saves from certain death as she falls from a building after ensuring that Neo's initial mission to reach the Source would succeed. After Neo is rescued from Mobil Avenue station, he meets once more with the Oracle, who states Neo must still reach the Source - not the Architect, but the Machine City itself, where "the path of The One ends." "

Enough with Neo now, we'll talk about Agent Smith


Agent Smith is a Program created to control bugs and errors in the System, that is his Prime Directive: Hunt them down.
That's why he hates humans so much (THEY ARE unpredictable, they are not computable, they are irrational, animal, they cause him PROBLEMS), that's why he hates NEO so much (He BINDS every single Bug in himself). He was never in the First Matrix (He just knows about it).

Agent Smith fought against Neo, but was defeated. When Neo trapassed him, a "Part" of his personality AND his powers were transferred to him.

Agent Smith had FAILED his porpouse. This would lead him to deletion, and going back to the Source. He didn't however. Why?

It's nothing strange, many programs escape deletion (Sometimes they are bugged, sometimes they develop indipendence and free consciousness). It happened a lot of times, they usually request the Merovingian help, and they become Ghosts, monsters or just "errors" in the System.

Agent Smith becomes a Rogue program, a Virus.

He starts to absorb humans and machines alike to become stronger and stronger. But his prime directive, his PORPOUSE is still to defeat Neo, he is obsessed by it (He also wants all life to end).

He ends up absorbing even the Oracle.
Now, what did the Oracle predict with her Really Good Math?

That Smith was now stronger than Neo, and Neo would loose.

And Smith now knows this, AND LAUGHS.

Eventually Smith gets in control of the Entire Matrix, bringing it near a dangerous Crash.

Machines and Humans alike are in danger, because that would mean exctintion. 

Neo offers DEUS EX MACHINA (No, not the Mirai Nikki one) a truce with humans, if he will defeat Smith.

Now, The Oracle PREDICTED Neo would loose, Smith predicted Neo would loose, EVERYONE KNOWS NEO WILL LOOSE, even Neo knows that much.

But Neo still fights for it. Why Mr Anderson? WHY?

Is he stupid? Is he just being emotional?
No, that's not it.

The Matrix is an equation, and it is gravely unbalanced.

Smith is -1, Neo is 1. Yin and Yang.

Smith keeps fighting, until he says something, an influence from the Oracle "Everything that has a beginning must end, Neo".
It's the first time he doesn't call him Mr Anderson.

Smith is now AFRAID, he didn't predict that.
He absorbs (as Predicted) Neo in himself.



Now Smith was Deleted because of the Reloading (I'll explain this now), but there are also other reasons why Smith was deleted.

THIS IS MERE SPECULATION (But my point stands even without them, it's just curiosity), i'll put them in parenthesis.

(First of all By absorbind Neo he basically resolved his porpouse, his Prime Directive, and he completed his task. Like other programs, this leads him to destruction.

But he also, by Absorbing the One, VIRTUALLY defeated every single bug in the system. Also, by absorbing the One, he has REALLY defeated every single error in Matrix.

Not only that, his porpouse was to finally kill Mr Anderson, but as we said before A PART of Mr Anderson is in himself, so he has to kill himself to complete his task of totally defeating Neo.

So He became a living contraddiction. And as someone puts it, Neo as the 1 and Smith the 1 ON THE OTHER SIDE, they both grew in power as the other did, all becaus the Architect wanted the Equation to be balanced, but the Oracle wanted it to be UNBALANCED, the 1 of Neo becomes a Minus 1 by "merging" with Smith (Going in his side) and nullifying the equation. Again, it is speculah ).

What Happened?

Smith, now that he was a Level-God admin of Matrix, was ONE with the Matrix, was in total control.

The Smith-Matrix hivemind was like a Body.

The Source is the Heart, at the center of the Body.

Neo MUST reach the Heart, Neo is a poison.

Neo, by WILLINGLY letting himself " be Drinked" by Smith reached the Core.

And Neo is also connected to Deus Ex Machina, the two of them (Human and Machine) TOGETHER activate the program.

neo gets into the Source, and Deus activates the Program (remember guys, he was excluded from the Control because of Smith).

"After Neo is jacked into the Matrix, the Deus monitors the situation. It appears that, after Neo willingly allows himself to be assimilated by Smith, two objectives occur that allow Smith's deletion. First, Smith is now directly connected to a hard-line connected entity: Neo's avatar. Second, in assimilating Neo, Smith has completed the purpose he redefined for himself.

Moments after Neo is assimilated, the Deus appears to send a massive surge of energy through Neo's body, presumably a deletion program"

The Reloading was activated, because Neo's code reached the Source.

The Reloading fixed every single bug, error and virus, and Smith was deleted forever and ever (And there are also those other reasons why he was deleted).

Neo, while dying by Smith hands AND being "Activated" in the Source by Deus Ex Machina, assumes a Jesus on cross-like position, his Messianic role was finally achieved. HE has activated, by SELF-SACRIFICE, the Salvation program, and the Evil (Smith), by Killing the Messiah, has unknowingly KILLED HIMSELF.

The Matrix gets reloaded, but now it's different.

Why? It's because of Neo!

"Neo, unlike the previous Ones before him, did not complete the Path of the One. Instead of going through the door on his right in the Architect's chamber, he left the Path of the One and went through the door to his left. This means that he left the Path of the One and began to follow the Path of Neo. Ironically, his own path still led him to becoming connected to the Source where he followed the original directive of the Path of the One.

Neo's unique contribution to the problem of choice was to make a deal with the Deus Ex Machina that the programming of the Matrix would now accept rejections. Those who desired to be free would be allowed to leave. This meant that when someone rejected the Matrix, it was no longer an anomaly. Therefore, with no anomalies threatening the programming of the Matrix, it was no longer necessary to have a One, which meant that the Path of the One was also no longer necessary. That is why the prime program was not reinserted. Because of the compromise made between man and machine, a state of peace was created."

THANKS TO NEO now the Matrix will ACCEPT that people will have a choice, it will no longer be an unpredictable error in the Equation.
There will be no more bugs, no more One necessary, Zion is saved, no more War between Machines and Humans.

ALL BECAUSE of Neo's Sacrifice.
The Machines honour their alliance to Neo, his body is recovered and "Brought to the Light".

Final question: WHY DIDN'T SMITH KNOW?

because the Oracle herself didn't know: she ENTRUSTED Neo, she BELIEVED in Him, she was not sure, she had FAITH.

Quite a Human act for an AI programmed to Understand Humans.

She is an Oracle, she does not "predict" the future, she MAKES the future by making self fulfinning prophecies.

You know like "be careful for your son will be killed" and so the father guards the son so much that his actions will eventually LEAD to the death of the Son?

A self fulfinning prophecy, everything the Oracle said WAS on the Porpouse of letting Neo find the courage, understand his powers, understand his role, and EVENTUALLY leading to the final truce.

Remember what the Architect said?

"I'm the Father of Matrix (and all of his programs), she is the mother".

And what did the oracle say?

"The Architect sees everything as an equation to be balanced.

I must dis-balance it"

She Oracle plotted all along for this truce with humans, she SAW BEYOND the Equation, she saw something, but she just could have faith, it could not be expressed in Math.

it was...Human, that's it.

She saw the Truce with humans, and she had faith.

This is why the Architect tells her "You've played a dangerous game", she RISKED and GAMBLED, but she succeded.

And that's why Seraph told her "DId you always know?"

"Oh no, but I believed in it".

So Smith DID NOT have the Code, DID NOT ACTIVATE the actual reloading, he did NOTHING, both willing or unwilling.

If Smith is the Messiah because he unwillingly helped the ACTUAL messiah to reach the Source and activate the program, then Judas is the actual messiah because he killed Jesus, Hitler is the actual granter of peace and freedom because after him UN was founded, George III of Hannover is the hero of American Indipendence, and a Bank robber who unwillingly left the door open for policemen to catch him is a true hero.

Neo was the One, Neo was the Hero, Neo was the Self Sacrificing Messiah, Willing and, this time, True.

And The Oracle won her Poker Game against the Architect."
 end of quote
more to come...

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