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this is how ssl encrypt our websites
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Rapid7 and Open Data DNS sets - not a big concern

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by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Wednesday, November 21, 2018

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Open Data, Rapid7, Project Sonar, etc.. have been concerned with legal issues with scanning the Internet. Don't worry. It's a normal concern.

 Over at Rapid 7 there was a conversation about legal ramifications of things being insecure, scanning the Internet and so on and so forth. With the Internet as a whole, just like the street we live on, some people choose to leave their Internet unsecured and wide open, and others not so much.
Remember the day you could leave your door unlocked on your home, and the keys in your car? Well, you still can in this day and age. Just like your Internet connection, wireless and the front door to your PCs, it can all be unlocked and wide open.
Rapid7 was concerned with three things:
  1. Project Sonar - Scan All The Things | Rapid7 Blog
  2. Legal considerations for widespread scanning | Rapid7 Blog
  3. The Project Sonar Wiki | Github
The concern about crossing the threshold of "unauthorized access" is easy to explain and I can say this with certainty, "without Permission, you are trespassing." So, by default you don't have permission and by default if you cross over the ethernet threshold from the public side of the Internet at my home, and into my home network, its just like walking into my home and crossing that threshold. You are now trespassing and uninvited. I don't care if I did not lock the door, leave the key hanging into the lock on the outside. It's trespassing.
Don't give me a bunch of hogwash about its not that simple. Yes it is.
Read more at :https://blog.rapid7.com/2013/09/26/internet-wide-probing-rapid7-sonar/
more to come..

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